Nature is So Awesome!

We are going to explore the AWESOME! side of nature! No, we won’t see the boring, everyday side. Instead, we will explore the best parts of nature that will make you say WOW! Come along now. Here we go…


Reptiles usually come to mind when we think of venom, but mammals have some of the most painful and devastating venom known.

The effect of some of the venom described below is horrendous. Please be aware some descriptions are graphic. Read more…


The diversity of microbes on this planet is so large and unknown that it is almost too big to estimate. There have been some fascinating findings recently that indicate that the number of microbe species is much, much larger than anyone even guessed.

In the past, scientists were only able to culture and grow relatively few bacteria species. It was naturally assumed from this that there weren’t many more species out there. But recent advances in DNA science have opened the door to a vast, unknown realm of microbes.

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